A comprehensive industrial maintenance service

We specialise in all types of maintenance works where access is difficult.

We offer a full range of services to repair and protect the masts, towers, cranes, lighting columns and other hard-to-access areas on your site. Our industrial maintenance services are briefly outlined below, but if there's anything else you need please ask as it's likely that we'll be able to help.

We can provide you with:

  • Fall arrest system maintenance and installation
  • Installation of anti-climb measures
  • Lightning conductor maintenance, installation and testing
  • Ladder and rest platform installation
  • Stay greasing and tensioning
  • Steelwork and bolt replacement
  • Pressure washing

Sovereign Restorations has an enviable reputation throughout the UK, with many of our clients considering us the best in the industry. So call us today for a safe, efficient and competitively priced service that is flexible to your requirements.

Pressure washing - Wales, UK - Sovereign Restorations

For a full range of maintenance services for hard-to-access areas, call

01227 811 762

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